Stories and Prayers

These are some of the real prayers and stories of life, inspiration, & hope as told to members of our SOCO YFC family who are reaching out to troubled youth in our communities:


Micaela's Prayer

Depression is like war, either we win or die trying…people ask me what it is like dealing with depression, I tell them it’s like drowning except you get to watch everyone else around you still breathing.  My eyes used to shine so bright, now all that can be seen is my cold dark story; feeling like nothing and no one can save me.  I pray to a God I am not certain I believe in, but I pray that tomorrow I wake and continue my battle, because, remember…depression is like a war…either you win or die trying.


(Micaela is young girl who was sold into sex slavery at a very young age and struggles with depression)

Drawn by Lisa while in prison CLICK to enlarge

Lisa's Prayer

Father, I pray for comfort as I leave everything I have ever known to what I hope will be a new life of happiness and freedom.  It’s going to be scary for me to step out of jail (which has been my home) into a life where there will be many obstacles and people who will try to bring me down.  I pray that I can forgive all those from my past who I need to forgive in order to move on and be successful in this new chapter of life.


(Lisa's dad is in prison; mom is a meth addict…she lived on the streets from a very young age)

Daniel's Prayer

I am asking that you pray for me as I need God’s strength.  My mind tells me to end my life, I can’t stand being away from the people I love…it seems there is no reason to live anymore.  I need God’s strength.


(Physically and mentally abused, Daniel constantly battles depression and struggles with suicidal thoughts) 

Dorien's story

Dorien just turned 16 years old, he has been in the Department of Youth  Corrections system since he was 10 years old.  He was  abandoned by his dad at a very young age and lost his mom at age 14...he didn't even get to say "good-bye" as he was in jail.    Dorien doesn't know where he will go when he is released as he has no family to support him...he just knows he doesn't want to return to jail.

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